The UX & UI processes will change depending on the project, product, feature, problem to solve, improvements, enhancements, goals to achieve...and this is because of the specific need of each item, story and use case. If the project is a greenfield project to discover, will be definitely different that is on working to expand a vision, concept or just scale current systems.

Most of the projects and teams that I have worked with are using project management software well known as Jira that supports any agile methodology, scrum, kanban, or your own unique custom setup to collaborate with the team members. Atlassian is one of the best software for agile project management. It has tools like Jira that allows to have agile boards to reports, plan, track, and manage all agile software development projects from a single tool.


Best UX & UI Design Industry Tools

These are the design tools that I normally used on a daily basis. UX & UI Design tools that are used widely by the best designers and companies around the world.