UX & UI Design

UX Discovery Process

UX discovery methods to discover who, what, when and how.

UX Planning

UX planning methods to plan what, how, who and when.

UX Research

UX research methods to research about users, markets, competitors, trends, technology and performance.

UX Exploration

UX exploration methods to explore in detail about the users, the product features and functionality requirements.

Information Architecture

UX information architecture methods to organise structural design of shared information.

UX Design

UI design methods to start designing the main elements of the features, products or applications.

UI Prototyping

UI prototyping methods to involved users actively in the mocking-up of the UI for a system, and exploring the usability.

UI Testing

UI testing methods to test and see how easy it's to use the applications, business processes and interactions with the software.

UI Development

UI development front-end languages to code the designs into HTML, CSS, and JS.

UI Integration

UI integration engineering support to implement UI within the system environment