User Experience RoadMap

What is a user experience RoadMap?

User experience RoadMap is a timeline plan designed to forecast long-term or overall plans of the user experience for the future application software or product. The user experience RoadMap help to establish a timeline forecast for the project or product to design and build. 

Why do we create a user experience RoadMap?

We create user experience RoadMaps to help stakeholders and team to have a clear forecast timeline plan to define the product actions. Depending on RoadMap type topics could include: 

  • Products and Features
  • Strategic business goals
  • Project timelines and cost estimates
  • Prioritisation of improvements
  • Anticipated project outcomes
  • Departments and Areas
  • Target style guide
  • Target technology

User experience RoadMap is created to help the business, design and development to have a clear forecast timeline plan of the requirements based on business needs. We use this method to allow stakeholders and team members to be synchronised, have transparency and a forecast timeline plan of what has been agreed to be delivered and when.

Who will be supporting the user experience RoadMap?

Different team members will be supporting the user experience RoadMap providing input, information, requirements and metrics. To be able to execute it, team members will have to collaborate, including:

  • Stakeholders
  • Architects and management
  • Customer service
  • Administration and accounts
  • Business analyst and product owners
  • Employees and users 

Collaboration it's going to be needed to create the user experience RoadMap to be reviewed by all, and once finished, will be presented and shared with the team to be approved and sign off.

What are the benefits of creating a user experience RoadMap?

The benefits of creating a user experience RoadMap are to have a clear direction and timeline of the product, to be able to:

  • Eagle view of high-level timeline plan
  • Define clear action plans
  • Forecast business needs
  • Implement proactive maintenance
  • Brief managers to plan the development
  • Know before hand about technical constraints
  • Opportunities for new requirements

User experience RoadMaps are well planned, written and presented. 

What deliverables will user experience RoadMap produce?

As a result of a User experience RoadMap we will produce the following deliverables:

• UX RoadMap Document Guide Map