User Experience Strategy

What is a user experience Strategy?

User experience Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim of the user experience for the future application software or product. The user experience Strategy help to establish the global standards of the product. 

Why do we create a user experience Strategy?

We create a user experience Strategy to help the stakeholders and team to have the right standards and facts to define the product direction, the strategy could include: 

  • Target users
  • Target devices
  • Target browsers and OS
  • Target style guide

User experience strategy documents are created to help the business, design and development to have a clear target definition of the requirements based on metrics and facts. We use this method to extract important and valuable information to help to support the product definition and targets.

Who will be supporting the user experience Strategy?

Different team members will be supporting the user experience strategy providing information, requirements and metrics. To be able to execute it, team members will have to collaborate, including:

  • Stakeholders
  • Architects and management
  • Customer service
  • Administration and accounts
  • Business analyst and product owners
  • Employees and users 

Only the expert will be creating the user experience strategy to be reviewed by all, and once finished, will be presented and shared with the team.

What are the benefits of creating a user experience Strategy?

The benefits of creating a user experience strategy are to have a clear target definition of main elements of the final product, to be able to:

  • Define clear requirements of the product
  • Define target types of devices
  • Define target types users
  • Define Style guide and compliance
  • Brief managers to plan the development
  • Know before hand about technical constraints 
  • Gathering insight of business and user needs
  • Opportunities for new requirements

User experience strategy is well planned, written and presented. 

What deliverables will user experience Strategy produce?

As a result of a User experience Strategy we will produce the following deliverables:

  • UX Strategy Document Guide