Product and Service Roadmap

What is a Product and Service Roadmap?

A product and service roadmap is a high-level visual representation of the strategic direction, goals, and milestones for a product or service over a defined period of time. It outlines the major initiatives, features, and enhancements that will be developed and released in order to achieve the product or service's objectives.

Value Proposition

What is a Value Proposition?

A value proposition is a statement that describes the unique value that a product or service provides to its customers. It answers the question "why should a customer buy this product or service?" and communicates the benefits and outcomes that customers can expect to receive from using it.


What is a Vision?

A vision is a statement that describes the desired future state or outcome that an organisation or individual aims to achieve. It is a long-term goal that provides direction, motivation, and a sense of purpose for the organisation or individual.

Requirements Gathering

What is Requirements Gathering?

Requirements gathering is the process of collecting, documenting, and analysing the needs, expectations, and constraints of stakeholders in order to define the functional and non-functional requirements for a product, service, or project. This process is critical for ensuring that the final product or service meets the needs of its users and achieves its intended goals.

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