What is Pivoting?

Pivoting in product and service design post-launch refers to the process of making significant changes to a product or service after it has been released to the market. This may involve changing the product or service features, target market, pricing, distribution channels, or other key aspects of the business model.

Product & Service Validation

What is Product & Service Validation?

Product and service validation is the process of testing and evaluating a product or service to ensure that it meets customer needs, functions as intended, and delivers value to the target market. This process typically occurs after the product or service has been designed and developed and is intended to validate the assumptions made during the design process.

Customer Feedback

What is Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback refers to the opinions, comments, and insights provided by customers about a product or service. This feedback can take various forms, such as written reviews, ratings, surveys, or direct communication with customer support teams.

Usage Metrics

What are Usage Metrics?

Usage metrics are data points that measure how people interact with a product or service, including how often they use it, how long they spend using it, and what actions they take while using it. These metrics are important for understanding how customers are using a product or service, identifying patterns and trends in user behaviour, and evaluating the success of product or service design.

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